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Emotional Freedom Technique

Welcome to a place where physical and emotional healing and all sorts of good vibes will come your way.

EFT head of a new healing movement, from negative emotions to positive again!meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

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What do we do?

BodiVibes provide robust psychological and physical healing services along with some implicit Emotional Freedom techniques training to all those who want to find a solution to their problems. Be it about a physical ailment that is disturbing your peace or some undiscovered psychological issue; our Emotional Freedom techniques will provide you with immediate gentle results.

Why choose us?



We provide you with incredibly quality tools and results! We are genuine, gentle, caring, safe, attentive to your needs!

Utmost Professionalism

While you must not have any doubts about the effectiveness of a rewarding emotional healing session, we encourage you only to choose a professional therapist who will practice the most rewarding Emotional Freedom techniques on you. At Bodi Vibes, a therapist who has a sound knowledge of Emotional Freedom Techniques will assure that you feel relief after a liberating session of this therapy.

Energizing Therapies

My objective is not just restricted to treating any emotional or physical ailment that is a root cause of your disturbance and disinterestedness in life. Instead, we aim to prepare you acquainted with the pitches of Emotional Freedom techniques to such an extent that the next time you feel any negative vibes coming your way, you become your therapist and limit all those bad energies reaching out to you.

Comfort Ensured

Here, at the Bodi Vibes, we try to act less like a therapist and more like a comrade who works to understand what you will never be able to say aloud. Once this friend of yours has found out your problem, he will surely exploit all of his professional Emotional healing competence to ensure that the treatment is all in your favor while not making you experience a bit of discomfort.

100% privacy

At Bodi Vibes, we care for you, your privacy and understand how sensitive your emotions could be for you. Keeping all of these in mind, we aim to treat you for a positive, healthier, and happier future.

The great thing about this treatment is that you don’t need a practitioner’s help once you have it down.

Pricing details

Even when they are sure to provide you 100% relief from whatever you are suffering, we offer our services in very affordable packages to make sure that everyone gets a chance to heal without letting the pain linger for a lengthier period.


Seek assistance from our professionals today, so we can help you in becoming well rested and refreshed as soon as possible!